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The Golden Lion Hotel


Situated in the picturesque village of Easenhall in the Warwickshire countryside, the guests of The Golden Lion Inn and Hotel are able to enjoy the fresh countryside air. It is inevitable that a business concentrates on its economic goals, however, to be sure that our guests are able to continue to enjoy the natural beauty on our doorstep we must not only focus on economic success, but on environmental sustainability as well.

We recognise that our business has a direct impact on the environment and understand that the purpose of this policy is to state the company’s aims & objectives and that it forms the basis of our environmental management system.

We have prioritised our environmental initiatives according to those which have the greatest impact and are working upon new systems and procedures that reduce our negative impact.

Local Sourcing

It is important that our guests benefit from the freshest local & seasonal produce. In taking all reasonable steps to cut down food miles, we achieve not only this but also a reduction in emissions and overcrowding on our roads.


All our employees will be trained to work in an environmentally considerate manner.

Energy Saving

Energy efficiency throughout the business is achieved by actively encouraging reduced consumption; the installation of keycard activated lighting in 85% of our bedrooms,  improved staff initiatives and the renewal of old equipment with energy efficient equipment.

Double glazing now accounts for the majority of the hotel’s windows and guests self-select to have towels laundered /replaced.

Water Conservation

Measures have been introduced to reduce the amount of water used including the fitting of water efficient toilet cisterns.

Recycling & Waste Management

We actively reduce the amount of waste we produce with the promotion of recycling (glass, cardboard, printer cartridges, batteries, paper) to guests and staff.

As Proprietor, I am fully committed to our Environmental Policy, we are in the early stages of our green journey, but have the conviction to take it forward.

This policy will be revised annually by the senior management team.

Signed   James Austin       

James Austin, Proprietor